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What Makes The Bonsai Such A Great Gift Idea

Sometimes it is very difficult to come up with new gift ideas. And chances are that’s why you are reading this article. Most people get tired of giving the same old gifts over and over again. And that’s why I want to share with you why the bonsai is such an amazing gift. It doesn’t matter what it is for, be it a wedding or anniversary, the recipient of this type of gift will truly appreciate it.

One of the reasons this makes such a great gift is because of its aesthetic appeal. It has a very enchanting and symbolic look (Read about Bonsai Symbolism here). It is a fresh gift idea in the literal and figurative sense. If you have ever seen a bonsai you know just artistic it is. It may be small but it is classy. Time and age are also factors that make this plant such a great and unique gift.

If you know of a couple who have been together for years and have now decided to get married, a bonsai tree is a perfect gift for that type of situation. Again, it is about age and time. That’s what this plant is a symbol of. For a couple getting married, it would represent the years they dated and the moment they decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

With the bonsai tree, it takes years for it to be pruned. Once it has pruned and shaped its ready to take on the world. It is just like the evolution of a relationship. It can take 3 or 4 years before a couple has matured to the point where they are ready to take on the commitment of marriage. But once they reach that point there is no stopping them. Trust me, no couple will ever forget this type of gift.


But it’s not just the perfect gift for weddings. It’s also the perfect gift for anniversaries. An anniversary implies two people have spent many great and memorable years together. It’s truly something to celebrate. Especially when you consider how many people are getting divorced every single day. It seems from a quick search that the Bonsai tree is particularly suitable for the 7th year wedding anniversary!

As stated before, the bonsai represents age and time. When a couple has been married for 20 or 30 years that means they have spent a lot of time together and they have aged together. The bonsai could represent the journey the couple has gone through over the years. It could serve as a great reminder of how far they have come. It can also be a symbol of the many wonderful years they have spent together. For wedding anniversaries bonsai’s make for a very romantic and thoughtful gift.


Once you start looking for the perfect bonsai you will notice there are quite a few different ones to choose from. The most common ones being the table top bonsai and the indoors bonsai. You can choose between one single tree or up to seven trees.

When giving this as a gift be sure to consider how much knowledge the recipient has about bonsai trees. If they know nothing about this type of plant be sure to give them a few care tips. This way they can keep the bonsai for a long time to come.

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Classical Flower Arrangement

The Mozart Collection

When it comes to arranging flowers; modern is not always best! Sometimes a classical approach to the art is more appropriate. This what a classical person like Mozart would like to see in a flower arrangement? He certainly would not approve of the modern glitzy foil covered coloured boxes that are often used today. I love this image, it symbolizes exactly what I am talking about. A single flower variety used in a mass colourful arrangement often gives a more opulent and pleasing impression. AFD offers a range of online flowers for Australia delivery in both modern and classical style

Mozart Collection Flowers

FloristNZ is a New Zealand Online Flower Delivery website with a beautiful range of classical and modern style arrangements to suit any occasion. To state the obvious there are many reasons to send someone flowers. But did you know that it has been proven to actually help when someone is down or feeling sick?  In a study looking at the responses to receiving gifts ( full source here )

  • 147 women were found via supermarket ads.
  • Study about “normal moods during the day.”
  • Given 1 of ten gifts – not told which though.
  • They were phoned to assess their life satisfaction or mood.
  • Ten days later, 2 peopled delivered the gift.
  • Flowers to One third.
  • Fruit Gift Basket to One third.
  • A candle to One third
  1. A group of impartial volunteers chose the gifts to be of equal value and appeal.
  2. The fear some have of weight gain kept chocolate out of the gift choices.
  3. One tester gave the gift, and the other noted their reaction.
  4. The tester had no idea which of the items a person was going to receive.

Although everyone did smile with most of the gifts, there were much higher real smiles from the flower bouquets than any other category…….

In a subsequent test

  • A person stood inside an elevator and handed a flower, pen, or no gift to people as they entered.
  • When they were given nothing;  only 50% of the time the tester was holding a wicker flower gift basket.
  • They also initiated a conversation.
  • 60 men and 62 ladies entered the lift.
  • A 2nd tester noted 4 different things, did they:
  1. Smile.
  2. Stand close
  3. Speak
  4. look

at the tester. These 4 observations were collated into a score from 0 to 9.
Both sexes scored much higher in social behaviour if they received flowers compared not receiving a gift or being given a pen.
Noteworthy is that the lowest scores were received when flowers were seen but not given – So being given flowers affects social behaviour and mood, not just the sight of them.

Flowers make you happier

Flowers make you happy

A final study, a group of women in rest homes received one, two or three flower bouquets over 2 weeks. They were then interviewed before and after the experiment

women who received the flowers had much better moods after the 2 weeks. The level of happiness or lack of depression directly correlated to the number of bouquets they were given – the more the happier!